-Onyeka Asiegbu

Onyeka Asiegbu is from Anambra state. She is a B.Sc Holder in Economics Education from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, because of her strong passion for acting, she decided to get a diploma in acting at the Royal Arts Academy where she clinched a lead role in the project movie “Spotlight” in 2014. Since then she has featured in a number of movies including 29 and Miserable, Superstar Me, Jazzy, Dead Silent, Reckless Two, Isabel and so on. She has also featured in several television series such as Everyday People, Husbands of Lagos, Middlemen, Swing etc

Onyeka Asiegbu is a multi-talented actress who interpretes perfectly the characters given to her and she is currently working towards being a filmmaker soonest