NICOLE Making her first onscreen appearance at the age of 8, where she played the younger version of Genevieve Nnaji in Lancelot Oduwa Imaauen’s “Cast Away”, Nicole’s versatility in not just acting has taken her across different fields ranging from screen writing, (for which she has won an award), Production, hosting, content creation and entrepreneurship.
Having starred in a couple of movies including Damage, A distant cry, Silent Sentences, Knightfall, Zahra, and lots more, Nicole is an award-winning actor whose nack for unique roles and the subtlety she brings to interpreting such characters has made her a delight to watch. A philanthropist at heart, Nicole channels her resources and platform as a filmmaker in throwing light on societal issues that have been largely ignored, through film. Her dream is to be able to change lives through the power of motion-picture story telling.